Landscaping Specialists

Real Green is a dynamic and multi-disciplined landscaping and landscape maintenance company, offering personalised, professional and reliable landscaping services to property custodians who are serious about managing their green assets.

Originating in 2013, founder and owner, Jonty Kirkby, has dedicated his working career to the landscaping industry. Jonty, with a background in the corporate landscaping environment fully understands the complexities in delivering the highest standards in a variety of conditions.

The company is built on the principles of sound corporate governance while acknowledging the need for a personal, reliable and world class service.

Drawing on our wealth of experience, at RealGreen we know that ‘world class’ is a mind set and an attitude, not always a cost implication. We strongly believe if we look after our staff and our clients the bottom line will look after itself.

We aim to deliver a personalised service with a personal touch, along with the efficiency of a well-run corporate company. We pride ourselves on our flexibility to meet and exceed our client’s landscaping and Landscape maintenance expectations.

RealGreen’s Landscaping offerings include a variety of services that touch on every requirement from Landscape design and landscape ideas for a new space, to revival and maintenance of an existing green area. Our services include:

  • Landscape design
  • Landscape construction
  • Landscape maintenance

For a full list and information on our service, visit our services page.


We pride ourselves in:

  • Highest service level standards
  • Hands on approach with our CEO (MD) involved at all phases of the life cycle
  • 20 years of experience in the corporate landscaping industry