Landscape Solutions:
Specialists in landscape design, construction, and maintenance

A garden serves many purposes, from being a space to take a breather, rebalance yourself during a busy day, a spot to host events and team building, welcome visitors and so much more. Your garden area should be an aesthetically pleasing spot, but the creation and upkeep of a garden shouldn’t be a headache.

Our extensive experience across residential, industrial, and commercial garden spaces means we know can offer sound advice in crafting your garden beautifully, as well provide regular maintenance on your garden for the long term.

RealGreen’s landscaping solutions offer everything you need from landscape design to landscape construction and landscape maintenance. Your RealGreen landscaping team is ready to tackle your every landscaping need!


Landscape Maintenance

In order to keep your outdoor area in pristine condition for yourself and your visitors, regular landscape maintenance is required. The RealGreen team has many years’ of experience across commercial, residential and estate spaces. Trust our garden service to keep your garden and outdoor areas in top condition!


Irrigation is vital to a garden’s ability to thrive. Well designed, placed and maintained irrigation systems are able to take your garden and plant life to the next level of greenery. Much thought goes into the choice and placement of an irrigation system to ensure little evaporation; concealed from visitors eyes; and long lasting quality. All year round, beautiful gardens require water, sunlight and love!

Tree Felling / trimming

Two different services, tree-felling is the removal of a tree from a garden, where-as tree-trimming is merely the maintenance of trees within your garden area. Both have their needs, and whilst we like to maintain our trees as far as possible, there are times when a tree must be removed, due to it becoming a hazard, reaching the end of its life, or destroying property. Our tree-trimming services keep your trees looking neat and beautiful, as well as providing them with the perfect conditions to thrive.


Sports Turf Construction (including artificial grass)

Our skillset extends into the construction of sports fields for schools, universities, corporate offices, sports clubs and more. When installing a sports turf, the knowledge of the right soil and the right turf choice to sustain the wear and tear is vital to creating a quality and long-lasting sporting pitch. Our expertise extends into the design and installation of artificial sports turf, through one of our divisions, Easigrass.

Landscape Design

Our team at RealGreen is passionate about creating green spaces that answer our client’s vision and goals. If your garden project is just a sapling, and you’re in need of some quality landscape advice, you’ve come to the right place. We will work with you and your budget to create the garden you’ve been waiting for. Our expertise in residential, industrial and commercial landscape spaces sets us apart in our ability to answer all your needs.

Installation designed by others

We pride ourselves on our team of landscape specialists who not only work brilliantly together, but with external suppliers to ensure our clients have the most prized gardens. If you have a garden design already in mind, or supplied by a horticulturist or landscape designer, the RealGreen team will gladly work to implement this in your green area.


As the only artificial grass company in the world to receive a gold medal and win best fresh garden at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show, it’s the only choice to make your garden glow evergreen. RealGreen is the supplier of Easigrass South Africa in the Johannesburg North region. Natural looking, pet-friendly, with a variety of premier products from lawns to putting greens - give us a call for a quote!


Landscape design/concepts and Installation

Landscaping ideas can be found anywhere these days, from pinterest to social media, the options are endless. The art of garden design comes in asking the questions: what plants will work in this environment? How do I achieve the end result, or feeling that I want the garden to emit? Where do I place plants, in order for them to thrive? What will this garden cost to maintain? Our landscaping team will guide you through design into the installation phase of plotting, planting, and thriving.