How to Organise an Egg-Cellent Easter Egg Hunt

Hop into your garden this Easter and give your friends and family a fantastic Easter egg hunt.

Hunting for Easter eggs is a great way to bring the whole family together at this time of year. Easter egg hunts will never go out of style and will always be enjoyable for the young and old. Invite your family and friends over and turn your garden into an epic journey to find an Easter chocolate treasure. Make your Easter egg hunt a lively egg-xperience, with these handy tips and tricks.

Map out the route

First things first, plan the course for the hunt. Perhaps start indoors and then have the route work its way outside and around the garden. Remember to include a few ground rules, so that the kids understand what they can and can’t do. For example, children can only collect a certain amount of eggs per child, so that each child ends up with the same amount. It’s a good idea to plan a backup hunt for indoors, in case the weather turns bad – this way the hunt can continue and so can the egg-citement.

Get egged out

Next, it’s time to hit the shops and get all the Easter eggs you need. It’s a good idea to find a wide variety of types, colours and sizes, to give the kids a range of eggs to collect. If you’re planning on inviting children from different age groups, you can colour code the eggs according to age. For example, smaller kids should find pink eggs and older kids can find green and blue eggs. That way, the little ones have a good chance of finding eggs too, and the older children can’t take their eggs. Don’t forget to get baskets, for the kids to collect their eggs in. To make even more exciting, the kids can decorate their baskets with different crafty materials.

Prepare the way

It’s now time to make clues and signs to show your hunters the way to their treasure. Place these along the route in your home and garden, and make them lively and fun. You can use signs on sticks, hanging signs or cryptic signs that are hard to see (for example, on a tree trunk). Your clues should be nicely tucked away at each point where the eggs are found, or along the path. Clues for older kids can be done as riddles, to keep them guessing and give them egg-stra entertainment. Another idea is to have all the eggs in one spot, and the children can work together, using the clues, to find the Easter treasure. Make your hunt egg-ceptional by using Easter props, like bunny ears, for the children.

Finishing touches

Signs and fun décor items go a long way towards setting a fun mood and making the hunt eggs-tra exciting. You can put a funky sign on your front door, welcoming everyone to your fabulous Easter egg hunt. Another idea is to download and print separate letters to form the words ‘Happy Easter’ and string these up on a wall or door, or even outside. Lastly, Easter themed snacks are the perfect way to fill everyone’s bellies after a fun day of hunting. Use snacks like Easter themed cupcakes, fruity egg popsicles and an Easter egg decorating station, to help your guests truly get into the swing of Easter and make sure that they have an egg-cellent time.

These tips and tricks will get you well on your way to hosting one of the most egg-stravagant Easter egg hunts in the neighbourhood, and ensure that a great time is had by all.