Inaugural RealGreen Soccer Tournament!

On Saturday 5th of October, RealGreen held its first company soccer tournament at Huddle Park, hosted by FivesFutbol. The reason for the event was to have a fun day out as a company, doing something the majority of the staff enjoy – SOCCER!

Our fitness was put to the test by playing 3 x 15 minute pool games, followed by 4 x 10 minute playoff games. At the end of the day there was a very intense, fast-paced 15 minute final between Corporate Park South and SILK (staff from Sandringham Gardens, Linbro and Karcher).

The end of the tournament was a nail biting affair, with the deciding goal only scored in the last 2 minutes of the game by SILK, allowing them to take home the trophy and a gold medal!

It was an incredible day out, enabling managers and staff to mingle in a fun, social environment. Sunday and Monday saw many sore RealGreen bodies, but the memories of the day far outweighed the short-lived aches and pains.

The RealGreen soccer tournament will be an annual event. With reigning victors, the competition is now on! We can be certain of a few training sessions ahead of next year’s Soccer Tournament!

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